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Cultivating an enduring legacy. Our vineyard is the largest contiguous vineyard in Oregon's Dundee Hills. The property spans 399 acres, with 215 acres dedicated to growing vines at elevations ranging from 220 to 640 feet. The surrounding mountain ranges buffer the vineyard, creating a warmer microclimate that ensures consistent ripening.

These south-facing, tightly-spaced vines are planted to Jory soil, the fertile and well-drained red soil that has come to define the Dundee Hills.

Sustainable Farming and Innovation

We pride ourselves on running sustainable vineyards through a combination of responsible farming practices, innovative techniques, and cutting-edge scientific research. This approach helps us to continuously elevate the quality of the fruit we produce.

  • Sustainability: Our sustainable vineyard is certified Low Input Viticulture and Enology (LIVE) and Salmon Safe. We collect winter runoff into a water reservoir with a total capacity of nearly 10 million gallons, which we use to establish new and young vines and irrigate during exceptionally dry years.
  • Innovative techniques: Our state-of-the-art viticultural practices include solar-powered weather stations, recycling tunnel sprayer, and an irrigation system fed by a rain pond and wells on the property.
  • Scientific research: In addition to collaborating with leading viticultural researchers from Oregon State University, we’re conducting our own long-term experiments to further discover the vineyard’s full potential and provide thought leadership to the industry.
  • Pest Control: Our approach is to work with nature instead of fighting it. By fostering a habitat that supports these pests’ natural predators, we encourage the ecosystem that keeps them in check. We planted 2 acres of native perennial wildflowers the maintain the vineyard’s natural balance. Additionally, 100 western bluebird nesting boxes, 24 owl boxes, 20 raptor boxes, and 15 raptor perches were placed throughout the vineyard. All our bluebird and owl boxes were built using fallen native oak, while our raptor perches are made using recycled hop poles.

101 Sections, 7 Varieties

The vineyard is divided into 101 meticulously farmed sections and has seven total planted varieties:

Pinot Noir 121 acres
Chardonnay 53 acres
Pinot Gris 10 acres
Riesling 2.5 acres
Tempranillo 1 acre
Syrah 1 acre
Pinot Blanc 1 acre


The vineyard is most known for Pinot Noir and Chardonnay. Pinot Noir clones include:

Pinot Noir:
Clone 114 3 acres
Pommard 27 acres
Clone 115 27 acres
Clone 777 28 acres
Wädenswil 17 acres
Clone 667 14 acres


We focus on the following Dijon clones for Chardonnay:

Clone 95 21 acres
Clone 96 9 acres
Clone 76 15 acres