As the 2019 Harvest is approaching, we have selected our wonderful harvest interns from near and far to help make this year’s vintage the best one yet!

Meet Taylor

A local from Dundee Oregon, Taylor was drawn to the winemaking business for the different people he gets to work with, and the exciting work environment that accompanies the job. Taylor also loves snowboarding, surfing, and is an avid fire dancer!

Meet Kevin

Coming to us from France, Kevin heard about Stoller from his grandparents who worked here in 2015. Kevin’s interest in the wine business sparked from his uncles profession as a vine grower. He is excited to meet new people with different backgrounds and to make Pinot Noir! He also loves making jokes, but finds it difficult to do in English.

Meet Johan

Coming all the way from New Zealand, Johan discovered Stoller Family Estate from an employee that worked with him there. New Zealand’s growing wine industry and the endless opportunities within the industry inspired him to come out to Oregon to expand his knowledge of wine production and learn new techniques for wine making. Johan is also excited to work with people from all around the world.

Meet Elisabetta

Coming from Italy, Elisabetta heard about Stoller Family Estate from a friend who was a trainee at Stoller. Elisabetta’s interest in the wine industry stems from her love of the science of winemaking and the steps required to achieve the final product. Elisabetta feels that her experience at Stoller will represent an opportunity for her to grow, and better understand the winemaking process. Elisabetta is also excited to work with a team, and to meet new people. She is also a good cook and loves sports.

Meet Gioacchino

Coming from Italy, Gioacchino visited the tasting room in 2017 when he did harvest in Dundee. Gioacchino has extensive knowledge in the wine industry, owning a family winery in Italy, with a masters and bachelors degree in viticulture, winemaking and wine market. Gioacchino loves the environment at Stoller, and after he visited the tasting room in 2017 he was convinced to apply for a job. Gioacchino also loves food, and is a good chef!

Meet Patricia

From Croatia, Patricia heard about Stoller Family Estate from Facebook. Patricia studied viticulture and ecology and over time developed a passion for wine and the wine industry. Patricia is excited to learn more about the wine industry and to get to know new people and exchange knowledge.

Meet Benedetta

From Italy, Benedetta heard about Stoller from friends who were working in a winery in Oregon. Her friends came to a wine tasting at Stoller and told her great things about the winery. Benedetta has always been interested in the wine industry, ever since her grandma would take Benedetta to her vineyard. Benedetta believes that Stoller has a great reputation in the wine industry and loves the Pinot Noir that Stoller produces. Benedetta says about herself, “I am a free soul, I believe in beauty in all of it’s form and I truly believe that wine and music are the most important form of beauty in this world.”