Mother’s Day Spring Olive Oil Bread
This bread recipe is a decadent yet easy way to make mom feel extra special this Mother’s Day. The beautiful thing about this recipe is you can add whatever you (or mom) enjoy! Feel free to substitute your favorite veggies, cheese, or meat. My mom loves the following items. However, you will need a pizza stone to get the crust nice and crispy.

  • 1 ball of whole wheat pizza dough
  • Spring onions and flowers like clover, violet, redbud or lavender
  • Fava beans
  • Asparagus
  • Spring peas with tendrils
  • Burrata or Mozzarella
  • Meyer lemon
  • Manuka honey
  • Chili powder

Set your pizza stone in the middle of the rack and crank the heat up to 450˚ F. You want to get your stone really hot.

Sprinkled the pizza dough with your favorite olive oil and salt, and let it come to room temperature for about an hour.

While the dough comes to room temperature (about an hour), you can sauté your spring onions and flowers with a clove of garlic. Set aside. Then, shell and blanch your fava beans and spring peas, reserving the tendrils. Lastly, cut off the tips of your asparagus and reserve whole. Then slice the midsection into small rings and discard the rest.

Once the dough is ready, stretch it to the approximate size of your stone.

Carefully place the dough on the extremely hot stone in your oven. Drizzle the dough with more olive oil and salt. Add the cheese of your choosing and the sautéed spring onion, flowers, and garlic clove. Drizzle again with just a pinch more salt and olive oil.

Bake for 15 minutes then add the blanched spring veggies.

Bake 2-3 more minutes. Remove and let stand 5 minutes on a cooling rack. Drizzle with Manuka honey, lemon zest, a pinch of chili powder and pea tendrils.

Cut, serve and enjoy!