Winemakers Kate Payne Brown and Shane Moore know to make an outstanding Oregon Chardonnay, you need a great site, a little luck, a lot of passion and plenty of patience. But what does it take to be called the Best in the West?  We held a “pour-off” to decide the winner…..Watch now!

Listen as Kate and Shane talk about harvest time, winemaking and share stories on one of their favorite varietal, Chardonnay.

Earlier this spring, Kate and Shane sat down and discussed their mutual love for Chardonnay.

“Chardonnay is the ultimate storyteller. Shane and I are old friends and neighbors, I knew if we were able to chat over Zoom about our wines and experiences it would be nothing short of entertaining… so when he asked I of course said, Absolutely! What day works for you?” 

Click on the photo to listen now on YouTube.