There is something of the magical within Meghan Hedley’s artwork, and upon sitting in her Portland studio and hearing the processes of her mind, I have come to find there is something of the magical within Meghan herself.  A full-time painting and installation artist, Meghan integrates different aspects of her life into her work, a living proof of her belief and celebration in the interconnectedness of being.

Upon arriving at Meghan’s studio, I was greeted and immediately offered tea– though we joked about having wine instead despite it being only 10 o’clock in the morning. When we finally settled into the couches with her sweet four-legged partner, Bette, I realized how much we had been chatting, and how much information I had not written down. I pulled out my notebook and pen, ready to frantically write what I could recall, and looked over at Meghan. Her gaze did not pass judgment, stirring confidence and comfort in me, and I knew our conversation would be genuine and memorable without the note taking.

We talked of tales of travel and adventure, of heartache and love, and of the passions that dwell and grow within us. Meghan has this strength and ability to pull back these layers of reality, piecing together the patterns and movement of life at both a physical and a spiritual level – an inseparable parallel she finds within all things. Her artistry goes beyond the canvas and into these everyday moments. Through her studies of acupuncture, herbal medicine, shiatsu, and cranial sacral therapy, she learns about the physical mind and body with its tension and harmony, which she connects with her experiences in nature.

While we looked through her work, Meghan began talking about the future. She reflected on the influence she has found in the place she’s called home for the last 13 years, the Pacific Northwest, and the excitement of what, where, and who will be ahead. Each place she has been- filled with its different people, cultures, landscapes, and activities- has helped her to create a diverse spread of work. In every piece, each color and line carefully express the connection she has had with that place.

She describes her artistic process as a “celebration and contemplation,” eliciting both internal thought and external action in those enjoying the final product. It is fitting then, that as I left Meghan’s studio, her pieces and words still fresh in my mind, I felt my spirit stirred, determined to more intentionally observe this same interconnectedness and beauty around me.


We invite you to join us on March 8 at Stoller Family Estate for Meghan’s Artist’s Reception from 3-5 pm. Enjoy wines by the glass available for purchase, or come visit our tasting room during regular hours, where her work will be displayed through April.