LaRue’s Stoller Sparkling Rosé

Female Winemaker fulfills dreams with LaRue’s Brut Rosé

At Stoller Family Estate, our pioneering spirit sparkles within Associate Winemaker, Kate Payne Brown. Payne-Brown and Vice President of Winemaking, Melissa Burr, are revolutionizing the wine industry by trailblazing the path for female winemakers.

More than 12 years ago, Kate dreamt of becoming a sparkling winemaker. In 2014, she made her dream a reality with the LaRue’s Brut Rosé. This flawless bubbly, named after LaRue Stoller, was among a handful of sparkling wines produced in the Willamette Valley. Each bottle contains a bright and tangy burst of flavor like lemon, green apple, pink grapefruit, and orange. Kate’s passion and transparency are apparent in this clean and elegant wine. Sources from some of our most elegant 20-year-old grapevines and a careful eye through the winemaking process, we are proud to present the 2014 LaRue’s Brut Rosé. Join us as we tip our glasses of beautiful bubbly to fulfilling dreams.