Stage One of Pinot Noir: the Bud Break

The burst of vibrant green across the vineyard serves as a beacon of hope for waterlogged wine connoisseurs in the Dundee Hills. Gradual increases in temperature trigger water and stored nutrients to wake the vines from their long winter’s nap. The last drops of stored carbohydrates transform twig-like branches into vines exploding with delicate buds.

Vice President of Vineyard Operations, Jason Tosch, reveals the distinct difference between the progressions of buds located only 570 feet apart. Due to their situations on our hillside, the conditions experienced by our Legacy tier Pinot Noir and Dundee Hills Pinot Noir vary significantly. Differing elevations, slopes, and aspects result in unique flavors and profiles in the mature fruit. Each block contains an individual balance of soil components, water retention and weather exposure. Although microclimates are the smallest measure of climate, they make a big impact.  At Stoller, our site features a warmer climate due to the surrounding mountains. This allows for consistent ripening and ideal grape conditions.

The air is as fresh as the first stage in the cycle of the vintage is underway.